Phocal Cavity Treatment

Phocal is a product that can help heal small cavities with NO drilling involved! Phocal is a local application done while at our Ridgeview dental office, and we are currently the only dental practice in Omaha providing this remarkable new treatment.

A Simple, Effective Solution

After years of having to rely on less effective rinses, varnishes and gels, and even invasive drilling and restoration, Phocal™ fluoride disks finally offer dental patients a simple and effective alternative to address small and early-stage cavities.

Benefits include:

  • Unprecedented access to commonly inaccessible cavity sites between teeth.
  • The release of fluoride directly to affected tooth surfaces.
  • An immediate and effective approach rather than the all too common “wait-and-see” approach.
  • Minimizes the eventual need to drill and restore.
  • Two different therapeutic options for differing cases.
  • Above all, more comfort and less trauma and fear for you, the dental patient!

Want to learn more about the only Phocal treatment available in Omaha? Call our office at (402) 884-8880 today! One of our friendly staff will be waiting to speak with you.

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